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2013 Christmas Project 


Have you ever wondered where children living in shelters go during the day? Where do they learn? Where do they play? Bright Beginnings Preschool , located in Washington, DC provides a nurturing, developmentally-appropriate childcare for homeless infants, toddlers and preschoolers helps them reach important childhood milestones, while they help their parents to end their homelessness.


Research repeatedly indicates that children living in homeless environments experience increased health problems, developmental delays, anxiety, depression, behavioral problems and lower educational achievement. Bright Beginnings understands the complex needs of our children and supports them to reach important developmental milestones and prepare for kindergarten.


Three wise wo(men) paid us a visit during  the Holidays and they imparted wisdom that guided us towards this mission to unite the resources within the community. Here's the questions they had us reflect upon:

  • Is there a way to infect others with empathy?

  • So many are going international to lead altruistic acts, shouldn't it start with the home front? What about the children within our nation, who is going to help an overwhelmed mom with her kids or a neighbor that can't afford a Christmas dinner?

  • Can you see the silver lining behind every cloud?

(From the 26 victims from the Sandy Hook crisis, 26 random kids received a gift at their doorsteps within the Vienna community to bring hope & legacy to those lives, all because a citizen was determined to give a better lesson this Christmas)  


The holiday season is a time for family. Of course, family is not always created by blood. There are many people who have created their own family from friends, associates and service groups. Emotionally, the members of the family are bonding, uniting, and supportive of each other. Without family support, humans feel lonely, isolated and lost, our hope is for you to feel PEACE all year round.


P   eople

E   verywhere 

A   lways

C   aring about

E   ach other


Can one person truly make a difference?  No, but did you know that our combined efforts helped

fill 450 Christmas baskets at a Food Pantry for local families with your perishable donations. Additionally, over 160 loafs of bread, 360 cornbread and over 260 pastries were donated by the local businesses. Also with your generosity 93 children at Bright Beginnings received Secret Santa sponsorships. Santa and the elves came with stockings, toys, books, hats/mittens, underwear/socks & pillow pets/blankets for each child. 


Thank you for the communities' generosity. We gained more helping hands and formed a circle of hope with the assistance of:                   


  • Fred's Best Windows                                    

  • Cenan Bakery                                                          

  • Best Bun Bakery                                        

  • Committee for Helping Others                                      

  • Tony Robbins Basket Brigade                        

  • Boston Market (McLean, VA)

  • Mojo Life Coaches                                      

  • Gainesville Holistic Health Center                                

  • EZ Socks                                                   

  • Freddie Mac                                                            

  • Vienna Moms Group                                    

  • Sheraton Hotel (Reston, VA)

  • Hampton Inn (Sterling, VA)                          

  • Whole Health Dental Center                                    

  • Sparkbooth                                                

  • The Cuddle Me Program                                            

  • Zinta Re/Max Realtors                                  

  • KidWx

  • Costco (Arlington, VA)                                  

  • Wegmans (Gainesville, VA)                                    

  • Package from Santa                                    

  • Northern VA Community College (Woodbridge, VA)        

  • Trader Joes (Falls Church, VA)


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