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2014 Spring Project 


When children are released from intensive care, but still not ready to go home, they come to The HSC Pediatric Center located in Washington, DC. The center provides a nurturing environment of family-centered care so that children and teens can learn, play and grow while receiving the medical care they need. 


We celebrated with the children with a Spring Scavenger Hunt. The Spring baskets (basketball, soccer, or baseball) were provided to each child along with a "You are #1" mylar balloon to let them know we are their biggest fans. The children spent time making crafts and learning about the Rainbow Diet. We also gifted the Center with new games for their recreation room. 


The scavenger hunt consisted of locating eggs. Within each egg there was a "Kindness Coin" and a sticker and coins. The theme was "Changing America with HOPE". Many of these children have been in and out of hospitals and we wanted to provide them with the gift of HOPE. The Kindness Coins have different sayings:

*  Sow seeds of kindness wherever you go. Care and thanks will surely grow.

*  Thank you for your kindness. You took the time to show you care.

*  A kind look, a kind deed, may be the help that someone needs.

*  Kindness speaks all languages.

*  Kind: caring, thoughtful, helpful, generous, that's YOU!

*  Kindness speaks all languages.


H  elping

O  ther

P  eople

E  verywhere


This was the "Billionaire Parenting" tips that we shared with their parents:


Dear Parent,


In the game of “LIFE”, everyone has a winning streak and we are here to help you promote health into your family’s lifestyle. We Are Your Biggest Fans and rooting for your family!


Eating the Rainbow Diet

Each color for a certain food means something in terms of nutrition. Now, it doesn’t mean you have to eat a multicolored or rainbow meal each time! It should be suggested to get a wild range of colorful food on your plate over the course of the week. If you are going to eat your emotions, try this new recipe based on chromotherapy – color therapy. Excerpts from the book Billionaire Parenting.


Eating Green Foods regulates the pituitary gland, fights depression, bulimia, and other psychosomatic conditions affecting the gastric system. It is useful in calming the nervous system, fights irritability, insomnia and can be used to assist in recovery from nervous breakdowns. Some examples include: broccoli, kale, spinach, cabbage, and collard greens, artichokes.


Eating Blue/Purple Foods is calming. Stimulates the parasympathetic system, reduces blood pressure and calms both breathing and heart-rate. It has anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing effects. Fights both physical and mental tension and is used to assist in relaxation. Some examples include: blueberries, eggplants, plums, prunes, blackberries, and grapes.


Eating Red Foods is used to energize and stimulate. These foods affect the heart by increasing pulse rate, and the muscles by increasing their tension. They influence vitality and increase body temperature and can be used to develop excitement and sensuality. Some examples include: beets, cherries, red onions, strawberries, raspberries and grapefruit.


Eating Yellow/Orange Foods increases neuromuscular tone. Purifies blood, helps digestion, and has a cleansing effect. Strongly stimulates happiness, brings on a sense of security, as well as a strong feeling of well-being. Some examples include: butternut squash, carrots, lemon, sweet potatoes, peaches, and pineapples.


Eating White Foods helps with regeneration. Also, provides energy and balances the chronobiological rhythm, by stimulating the production of serotonin, a substance which regulates both sleep and the nervous system. These foods help rebalance the psychophysical and hormonal systems in people who suffer from seasonal depression. Some examples include: turnip, onions, cauliflower, garlic, and shallots.


Happy Spring!   


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