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2013 Valentine's Project 


Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Have you witnessed the courage and strength it takes little boys and girls that are diagnosed with cancer and the spirits they possess to face these challenges? For Valentine's Day we wanted to uplift the spirits of these children at the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders of Northern Virginia.


This is a satellite office of the National Children's Hospital for these children to receive their daily outpatient sessions. The theme for Valentine's Day was: "Sending You Love to Uplift Your Spirits."  This was the letter that was written for the parents of these couragous boys and girls and we shared the "Billionaire Parenting" tip of incantations.


Dear Parent,


“It takes a whole village to raise our children…We all everyone, must share the burden. We all everyone, will share in their joy.”   Many have said that love is the greatest medicine in the world. It can do more to heal than any element on Earth.


This Valentine’s Day, the local community wants to share a lesson in love with your children. Each child will receive two mylar balloons. One balloon is for them to keep and one for them to give away to someone that has shown them some form of love in their life. We want your children to share in the joys of giving and receiving.


We are sending our love in the form of this heart filled with many Valentine cards written from families within the community. We encourage you to read each positive statement (affirmation) with your children to provide them with more hope and energy. 


As a community, we are sending the gift of:

L    etting

O   thers see how

V   ery special boys/girls they are

E   ach day


Can one person truly make a difference?  No, but did you know that our combined efforts helped

bring 100 mylar balloons to uplift the spirits of these little boys and girls. The balloons held the most important message of all (I LOVE YOU).  Additionally, families within the community personalized each felt heart with cards filled with incantation (affirmation) messages. 


I am beautiful                                     I am calm                          

I am peaceful                                     I am smart                                       

I am special                                       I am loving 

I am kind                                          I am brave                        

I am whole and complete


Have you ever used positive self-talk to help you feel better? Positive self-talk or incantations (affirmations) are used to help you feel better, create positive attitudes and achieve desired goals. Our self-talk has an undeniable effect on the attitudes and outcomes in our lives.  When our children are feeling down, angry or upset, using affirmations  can change their focus from what they do not want to what they DO want. Affirmations are positive statements about who we are, and what we can become and experience.  They help us focus on what we want.   


Thank you for the communities' generosity. We gained more helping hands and formed a circle of hope with the assistance of:


  • Mojo Life Coaches                            

  • The Donica Family             

  • The Liu Family

  • The Terry Family                              

  • The Wakelee Family          

  • Gainesville Holistic Health Center

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