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Billionaire Parenting Pilot Program


According to "Billionaire Parenting", every child brings unique gifts, talents and strengths to the world. The brain has an amazing power and the more we discover and understand it, the better we will adapt and create learning programs to facilitate its growth,For our children’s education, from birth to about the age of 8 years old it is the most critical time period. During these years, the brain is more malleable and exhibits more plasticity, meaning it can create rapid alterations and adapt quickly to changes, learning through absorption similar to sponges or the osmosis concept. This makes a child’s brain more open and flexible to new learning processes and methods. 


We believe that an important component of education encompasses "character education." Character is essential. Individuals that posses character are far more likely to achieve long term success in life.  We have embraced our responsibility to teach character to the next generation.  We took the opportunity to teach some lessons during Holidays so children would associate a new meaning for their Holidays.


Some of the "character education" curriculum was piloted to a local pre-school to provide the community with some exposure of the "Billionaire Parenting" educational programs. Some of the values that will be shared with the children throughout the year will include:

  • caring                            

  • patience                    

  • citizenship                

  • loyalty                          

  • love                          

  • honesty                      

  • cooperation                    

  • initiative                      

  • kindness  

  • forgiveness                    

  • respect                      

  • attentiveness            

  • courage                        

  • tolerance                    

  • sharing

  • self-control                    

  • helpfulness                

  • perseverance            

  • thankfulness            

  • responsibility

  • politeness                 

  • neatness                      

  • joyfulness                

  • innate wisdom 


We invite you to learn more about our approach to character education, and to join us in training children who can make a positive impact on our world. The end-of-year message sent to the parents of the Pilot Program consisted of the following:


Dear Parent,


We have spent 2013-2014 together sharing many wonderful memories. Some of us will be venturing out to different schools next year and we wish everyone a “KOOL” summer filled with more laughter and cheers.


K    eep believing you are capable of

O    utstanding feats and enjoy the

O    opportunities that

L     ife brings each day


Throughout this year we learned many Holiday lessons. During Halloween we learned that each of our names and unique personalities made up the special ABC Pumpkin Patch filled with bunches of  JOY. During Thanksgiving we learned about SMILES. During Christmas we learned about PEACE. During Valentines we learned about LOVE and during Spring about HOPE.


S     haring the                                                                                 

M    ost                                                                                    

I     mportant & beautiful part of you. Your                                        

L     aughter is shared with                              

E     veryone that                                           

S     ees You



L     etting                                                    

O    thers                                                    

V    ery special you are                                  

E    ach day                                                 


H    elping

O     ther

P     eople

E     verywhere


P     eople 

E     verywhere

A     lways

C     aring abou

E     ach other


J     ust be an

O    utstanding

Y     ou. U are #1


While we try to teach children all about life, our children teach us what life is really all about! Learning comes in different shapes and sizes. Next time you watch CARS with your kid(s), realize that you are sharing valuable life lessons with them. Every moment shared with your child is priceless!


  • Teamwork        

      (Lightning McQueen learned to recognize and appreciate his Pit Crew)


  • Perseverance      

      (Learning to have confidence in your abilities and to focus…I AM SPEED)


  • Integrity                

      (Lightning McQueen pushing The King to the finish line)


  • Authenticity           

       (Lightning McQueen turns down Dinoco’s offer to be spokesperson & remembers his original supporters: RustEze)

  • Humbleness            

       (The big question for Lightning McQueen: To win a big race or help an injured friend?)

  • Loyalty / Friendship   

      (Lightning McQueen gains a best friend in Mater and friends within the town of Radiator Springs)


  • Hope / Dreams             

       (Lightning McQueen wins the Piston Cup in the future & Doc Hudson overcomes his fears & races again)

  • Passion (Self-love, purpose in life & advocating global values)

       (Learning to slow down and appreciate the beauty of life and connecting with people and places. Learning to give back to a



Wishing you a wonderful summer!

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