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Chapter 6:

     HERBS AND   


Billionaire Parenting Chapter 6 Review




  • Just as everyone has a unique fingerprint the Ayurvedic Blueprint believes there are 3 energy types prevalent in every person at any given time:

    • Vata (Wind) – When vata energy is balanced, there is creativity and vitality. When imbalanced, it produces fear, insomnia, dry skin, constipation, difficulty focusing & anxiety.

    • Pitta (Fire) – When pita energy is balanced, there is warmth, friendliness, discipline, intelligence and contentment surrounding the environment and the person becomes a good leader and speaker. When imbalanced, it produces irritability, compulsivity, anger, ulcers, and symptoms of indigestion or inflammatory conditions.

    • Kapha (Earth) – When Kapha energy is balanced, there is expressions of love, sweetness, supportiveness , stability and forgiveness. When imbalanced, it produces insecurity, sluggishness, weight gain, sinus congestion and envy.

  • Dr. Bach believed that by correcting harmful mental attitudes you can stop the dis-ease from becoming physical or, you can treat the dis-ease when it is at an energy level rather than grossly pathological at the physiological level. ADD and ADHD, according to Dr. Bach is a result of a combination of emotions that can be rebalanced with the aid of the Bach Flower remedies. After a short duration of the Bach Flower remedies’ usage, teachers also commented that the children were using this remedy appeared to be much calmer and was able to readily focus on the task at hand.

    • Walnut = Helps when you get easily distracted by noises, movements and commotion.

    • Clematis = Helps when you daydream and have a hard time focusing on the task in front of you

    • Vervain = Helps when you are overly excited and hyper, from over involvement in a subject or idea.

    • Impatiens = Helps when you easily get impatient with the slowness of others. For people who get frustrated and cannot express themselves as they would like to, great for temper tantrums.

  • According to the Autism Society of Japan, it defines autism as a sense of insecurity and stresses and Dr. Bach has designed some flower essence to address some of these emotions:

    • Scarlet Monkey Flower = Relates to frustration that is felt when your intention is blocked. These are the types of anger and issues of power that you feel when you are pushed into extreme challenges.

    • Violet = Helps with profound shyness, reserve, aloofness, fear of being submerged in groups.

    • Bluebell = Helps when a child feels afraid of being ridiculed and anxious about being noticed at all and fearful of being punished and also worried about being judged.

    • Snapdragon = Helps with verbal aggression and hostility; repressed or misdirected libido, tension around jaw.

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