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Chapter 3:

      BRAINS “R” US,



Billionaire Parenting Chapter 3 Review




  • A study showed that when mothers frequently spoke to their infants, their children learned about 300 more words by age two than did children whose mothers rarely spoke to them. Reading aloud to children helps stimulate brain development, yet only 50% of infants and toddlers are routinely read to by their parents.

  • More than 400,000 people attempts suicides in the US per year because of depression which is more common than “cancer” and diabetes. A Kaiser Permanente study on adverse childhood experiences with 17,000 participants found that childhood exposure to violence, domestic abuse, family neglect or other environmental stressors can have lifelong consequences, including a higher probability of depression.

Our brain produces 5 frequencies (beta, alpha, theta, delta and gamma). Brain Sync is designed to access and rebalance all the brain waves and is currently yielding 87% success rates within prestigious hospitals such as Harvard.

  •         Theta brain wave dominance is often found in highly creative                   individuals. Blocked or suppressed emotions can be experienced when         theta brainwaves are stimulated.


  • Gamma brain waves can help ADD/ADHD in their lack of concentration and it will boost the mood, empathy and compassion levels in depressed candidates.

  • Stress triggers Beta brain waves; furthermore, watching television causes beta brain waves to be suppressed. This is why many children that appear to have ADHD characteristics become calmer when watching a television or tablet.

  • Research has shown that the Delta brain waves release the anti-aging hormone including the human growth hormone and melatonin. This brain wave also causes a person to have an increase of empathy, understanding and compassion for others.

  • The Alpha brain waves slow down the heart which is conducive for those having heart problems. A healthier form of promoting alpha brain waves would be to meditate. By talking less, you will increase the alpha states of the mind. Einstein was operating primarily in the alpha state.


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