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Billionaire Parenting

Chapter 1 Review



  • If a billion dollars was just deposited into your bank account, how much time and energy would you use to make sure you get the highest return on investments? This is what you have been gifted with each time you have a child. How important is it to you to connect the billions of neurons in your child’s mind? Even billionaire, Mark Cuban understands parenting should not be a job that is delegated.


  • Today’s children are extra sensitive to their environments. This includes garments, furniture, house-hold materials, temperatures, food, etc. They thrive for pure food and water and organic materials. This is why we are seeing a many food allergies and sensitivities arising amongst this generation.


  • The children of today are our leaders of the future, yet they are teachers from the moment they step foot on Earth. Are our children truly troubled or are they bringing gifts to humanity that a dysfunctional world has forgotten. Gifts that are not evidenced at a superficial level:  gratitude & compassion (ADHD/ADD), unconditional love (Autism), empathy & hope (Depression), and forgiveness (Obesity).  Many children are misdiagnosed; it is time to rethink the labels we have given to our children that could mark them for life.



Chapter 1:

      Billionaire Parenting


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