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Chapter 14:





Billionaire Parenting Chapter 14 Review




  • Whole-Listic means the ability to stimulate both the “Left + Right” brains = Whole Child. Then we incorporate being genuine/authentic (Realistic) to derivate at the word “WHOLE-LISTIC.” Traditional holistic services focus on the mind but they have not successfully tapped into the full potential of both hemispheres of the brain and truly bringing back the essence of you before all the societal & cultural constraints. Research has proven that when synergy of the right and left hand hemisphere is balanced, a unique concept is produced “Geniuses.” Historically, Einstein, Beethoven and others modeled this theory.

  • Since education begins within the womb, education will be provided up front to the Maternity clients so that they will be able to make more informed consumer choices. The goal is to return the miraculous events of childbirth back to a celebration of life and not one that is attached with fear or pain. Each mom will be treated like a Star and truly pampered. They will learn that the soul(s) that they are bringing into this world are perfect and each unique personality helps make the world a better place.

  • The goal at the Whole-Listic Children’s Hospatal is to make the environment as conducive for play as possible so their worries and minds are focused elsewhere and your children’s visits are made as enjoyable as possible. The goal is to tap into their creativity and imagination; this will help release endorphins which promotes a more conducive healing environment.

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